This Easy To Build Contraption Can Give Water To Everyone: DIY Plans


Solar technology goes much further than creating electricity, some people have learned to use the sun to perform impressive feats such as cooking. On Earth, the sun packs a wallop of heat energy through many different forms of radiation, and innovative ways to use this energy have been developed since the dawn of man. In this article we will show you how to build a solar still and even desalinate water with simple materials and the power of the sun! The Rest Of The Story…

Tesla’s Cold Fire Explained

Tesla's Cold Fire Explained - Exposing The Truth

One of Tesla’s more spectacular displays was to immerse a person in an electrical flame.  Tesla wrote about the stunning visual aspects of this unique, awe inspiring presentation:

The body of a person was subjected to the rapidly alternating pressure of an electrical oscillator of two and one half million volts….  [This] presents a Sight marvelous and unforgettable.One sees the experimenter standing on a mass of phosphorescent streamers, like the tentacles of a octopus. Bundles of light stick out from his spine.  As he stretches out the arms, thus forcing the electrical fluid outwardly, roaring tongues of fire leap from his fingertips.  Objects in his vicinity bristle with rays…. At each throb of the electric force, myriads of minute projectiles are shot off from him with velocities as to pass through the adjoining walls.  He is in turn being violently bombarded by the surrounding air and dust. The Rest Of The Story…

Child Prodigies and the Assault on Creativity

When you think of a child prodigy, you usually think of an exceptional young talent which has been recognized in a person’s early life and nurtured by those around them, who encourage their latent abilities to blossom and grow. Mozart, of course, springs immediately to mind – a rare and gifted talent in music who, on account of the culture and environment in which he was weaned, was able to develop into one of the greatest composers of all time. And while it could be said that such an upbringing was overbearing and destroyed any chance of young Mozart leading a“normal” life, without it, it is highly unlikely that his incredible potential would have been fully realized.

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