Ancient “Mystery Human” Species Identified Shakes Up The Theory Of Evolution


Evolution is something scientists have observed at several different levels in nature, and when it comes to human ancestry, they’ve been able to collect bits and pieces of the giant puzzle that is human evolution. We do know that some form of evolution (scientifically speaking)  has occurred on various levels, but there are still many missing links to our evolutionary journey, and new discoveries made every year are continuing to re-write what we previously believed to be true.

It’s important to remember that there is still much we do not know, and the evolutionary tree is far from understood, let alone complete. The Rest Of The Story…

AC/DC Magnetic Hill N.B. Concert CANCELLED Due to Extreme Weather in Atlantic Canada.

Australian rock giants AC/DC have been forced to cancel their upcoming outdoor concert on Saturday, Sep. 5, 2015, part of the Rock Or Bust Tour, at the Magnetic Hill Venue in Moncton New Brunswick, Canada. This cancellation is due to extreme cold temperatures and record breaking snow fall in the region. This weather is likely the result of NASA’s recent Polar Shift Theory, that now places the Magnetic North Pole in the Atlantic Ocean Between New Brunswick and Price Edward Island.

Link to NASA Polar Shift article here:
NASA: Polar Shift Theory Proven. Atlantic Canada is New North Pole

The Rest Of The Story…

NASA: Polar Shift Theory Proven. Atlantic Canada is New North Pole


Recent findings by top NASA researchers prove the Polar Shift Theory true, and it is happening right now. They propose that MAGNETIC North has in fact shifted locations. It now rests in the Atlantic Ocean between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Previous theories surrounding Polar shifts will suggest that a violent event will take place, up-heaving land masses and destroying life as we know it on the planet. NASA has been tracking the Earth’s magnetic field for some time now. They put forth information showing a gradual shifting of magnetic north. Which, in time, will slowly rotate the planets physical north to match it. The Rest Of The Story…

Koschei, the Deathless : A Slavic Legend of Immortality

Illustration of Koshchey (Koshei) the Deathless, riding his magical steed.

A figure from Slavic folklore, Koschei the Deathless was known for his titular characteristic: his inability to die. What is most interesting about this figure, however, is that his immortality was not foolproof. It was said that when Koschei cast the magical spell to protect and defend himself, he accidentally left room for error. The Rest Of The Story…

The Legend of Medusa and the Gorgons


The earliest known record about the myth of Medusa and the Gorgons can be found in Hesiod’s Theogony. According to this ancient author, the three sisters, Sthenno, Euryale and Medusa were the children of Phorcys and Ceto, and lived “beyond famed Oceanus at the world’s edge hard by Night”. Of the three, only Medusa is said to be mortal, whilst Sthenno and Euryale were immortal. In addition, Medusa is the most famous of the three, and the story of her demise is also mentioned in passing by Hesiod. The Rest Of The Story…