NASA: Polar Shift Theory Proven. Atlantic Canada is New North Pole


Recent findings by top NASA researchers prove the Polar Shift Theory true, and it is happening right now. They propose that MAGNETIC North has in fact shifted locations. It now rests in the Atlantic Ocean between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Previous theories surrounding Polar shifts will suggest that a violent event will take place, up-heaving land masses and destroying life as we know it on the planet. NASA has been tracking the Earth’s magnetic field for some time now. They put forth information showing a gradual shifting of magnetic north. Which, in time, will slowly rotate the planets physical north to match it.



The process may take centuries to complete, and possibly go un-noticed, other than the massive amounts of snow and dropping temperatures in the location of what we used to know as the Canadian Atlantic Region. This region will experience large, record breaking, snowfalls and extreme storms.

NASA suggests all inhabitants of this region evacuate to the west, towards warmer climates. In fact the west coast is experiencing all time high temperatures for this time of year, suggesting that it is in a more southern location than before the polar shift. Vancouver is slated to possibly replace Los Angeles in a magnetic polar location equivalent.

The Shifting Poles Theory

The “Shifting Poles Theory” was introduced by History Professor, Charles H. Hapgood, whose fascination with geography and ancient maps led to his re-discovery of the Piri Re’is Map.

This hand drawn Turkish naval map had been gathering dust since the early 1500’s, its significance unrealized. On closer scrutiny, Hapgood observed evidence of spherical trigonometry and a detailed knowledge of global geography– including the coastline of Antarctica at a remote time, when it was free of ice.


The map had been drawn just a few years after Columbus visited the Americas. The cartographer, Admiral Piri Re’is, described his world map as having been drawn from “very old” reference maps. It appeared as if some ancient, forgotten civilization had risen to these capabilities, and then had disappeared. The identity of these ancient mariners begged to be discovered.

The most obvious place to look for such an old, yet advanced, civilization was in the famous accounts of the lost continent,Atlantis, described in somewhat vague, but realistic, commentary by the Greek historian, Plato. The Island of P.E.I could be deemed such an island lost to the sea.

Information below found at this NASA Link:


Have we experienced major polar shifts or similar before?

“Tree stumps were discovered in 1985 on Axel Heilberg Island (in the Artic) dating back 40 million years. It indicates this northerly part of the cordillera was warmer and wetter than its present-day climate.” Wikipedia, Park Wardens: Arctic Codillera Ecozone Overview, 2007-11-08


This fossil forest on Heilberg Island, which is now barren, dates back to the Eocene Period. The trees actually did not fossilize, but instead are mummified. This indicates a much faster process where they were quickly dehydrated in an area that was once a high latitude wetland forest…pointing to a likely polar shift. This is not the only place they’ve been found in the Arctic either. This indicates a very quick change in the climate possibly caused by a rapid polar shift.


The most probable scenario according to science for a major change in the poles is a geomagnetic reversal. This means the earth’s magnetic field reverses or interchanges, switching the north and south magnet poles. This type of reversal has happened many times, with the most recent one thought to be about 3,500 years ago.


Recent research by Adam Maloof of Princeton University and Galen Halverson of Paul Sabatier University in France, shows the Earth DID rebalanced itself by 50 degrees, which is about the distance between Alaska and the equator now. This happened around 800 million years ago during the Precambrian time.


Several books talk about polar shift changes that could happen in a matter of weeks, days or even hours resulting in massive destruction from earthquakes and tsunamis.


No matter what speed the polar shift takes the results would be catastrophic climate changes for most of the earth’s surface. Areas that were warmer would be colder and visa versa.

If you have read this far down congratulations. This is just a satirical news post to get you thinking, not all information contained here is true, however the polar shift theory is very real. Now go check out the rest of for some very real or theorized stories.



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