UFOs -the reality, the cover-up and the truth

Unidentified Flying Objects - UFO compilation

Unidentified Flying Objects – the reality, the cover-up and the truth

Unidentified Flying Objects, or UFOs as they are commonly known, have been witnessed by millions of people all over the world and have been recorded in history books, myths, legends and traditions for thousands of years. However, many accounts that are recorded in ancient texts are dismissed as mere myths and legends, while UFO sightings that have taken place in the last few centuries have been classified as misinterpretations of natural phenomena, illusions, or conspiracy theories.

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Overlords of the UFO–Full Length documentary from 1976

An interesting perspective form the 70’s on Aliens and UFOs prior to the media black out and mis-information of todays news sources and government offices.

Overlords of the UFO is a scientific suppressed and banned documentary from 1976. Much of this documentary features long lost photos of UFO’s and other evidence long taken out of the public main stream media. This documentary also discloses that the govt has all ready admitted to the existence of off world UFO’s, but that information has long been manipulated out of the public’s attention and eyes.

Some of the documentary goes into other unexplained phenomenon also. BUT the most important information in this movie is that the govt has all ready disclosed and released the evidence of UFOs and ETs but that disclosure has been taken out of the public’s awareness and media for decades.


Paul_Hellyer_What_UFOs_Have_To_Do_With_The_Planet__90403Paul Hellyer was Canadian minister of Defense in the 1960’s, ruling over the country’s armed forces during the time of the Cold War — and when he retired he publicly stated that we are not alone in the universe, and some guests from outer space actually live here, on planet Earth.

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Federal authorities said today there has been no “unusual flight activity” in California despite a flurry of reports by civilians in several cities who believe they saw strange lights in the sky on New Years morning.

Reports of strange and elaborate formations in crop fields date back to the late 1600s, and the phenomena known as crop circles continues to fascinate and bewilder, all these years later. Are they the work of humans, or are extraterrestrial beings responsible for the incredible artistry? This is a question that we will perhaps never truly know the answer to, and one that is being raised over in California this week. The Rest Of The Story…

Top Ten 10 Reasons Aliens Exist


Time and time again, the topic of aliens existing and being real entities is debated over and over again. This article entertains 10 reasons on why aliens do in fact exist.


  1. Probability
  2. The Bible
  3. The pyramids and other landmarks
  4. Old Paintings / Cave Paintings
  5. Area 51 / Roswell / Secret Government Projects
  6. Abduction Stories
  7. Crop Circles
  8. Ex-Government People
  9. It is extremely logical
  10. Vatican says it’s okay to believe in Aliens!

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