Hydrate Naturally with Coconut water! Plus 10 More Hydrating Foods!


It seems that the world is starting to go Coconut crazy, and for good reason, too! We all know about the power of the ‘nut when it comes to cooking, cleaning, skin care, digestive care, and so on; but did you know about the hydration qualities of this versatile piece of produce?

Coconut water is jam packed with electrolytes and natural compounds that replenish the body with high-quality hydration and liquid nutrition. In some cases, Coconut water can be used as emergency fluids in IV.

Of course, the most common use for the hydrating powers of Coconut water is in the way that it can destroy a hangover, after a long night of drinks with your friends, family, or coworkers, alike! So give it a try! But, hey, drink responsibly – Coconut water is also an unforgiving diuretic.

And here are 10 other naturally hydrating foods that you want to keep handy, especially in the summertime!



1- Cucumber 96% Water

2- Watermelon 96% Water

3- Pineapple 95% Water

4- Lettuce 95% Water

5- Tomatoes 94% Water

6- Blueberries 95% Water

7- Celery 95% Water

8- Melon 92% Water

9- Grapefruit 90% Water

10- Pear 89% Water



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