Radioactive Fukushima

Fukushima Nuclear disaster is still on going yet the world is slowly forgetting about it. The area next to the plant is showing radiation levels as high or higher than Chernobyl. 300 TONS of radioactive water is spilling into the Pacific Ocean EVERY DAY! Please share this video and bring back some awareness to this very important topic.

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Shocking Death Toll Related To Fukushima


With the third anniversary of Fukushima just around the corner, research shows the disaster is far from over. The triple assault on Japan’s east coast included a magnitude 9.0 earthquake followed by a debilitating tsunami, and finally a nuclear meltdown that has become an alarmingly monumental global problem that garners nearly no mainstream media attention.

The latest reports which were compiled by authorities and the local police show that a total of 1,656 deaths have been as a result of the nuclear disaster. The Rest Of The Story…